Take game night up a nostalgic notch with these high-quality playing cards. Designed exclusively for muscle car lovers, our one-of-a-kind card deck is a collector’s item that every enthusiast will treasure forever.

A must-have for any muscle car fan, these cards will get people talking—and playing. For collectors, our cards are perfect to preserve and pass on for generations to come.  

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MuscleCards® are Muscle Car-themed playing cards.

What’s included in the MuscleCards®?

  • 4 Fast Kings

    4 Insane Queens

    4 Crazy Jacks

    2 Game-Changing Jokers

    1 Powerful Ace & Number Cards


Who are these  MuscleCards® for?

  1. Muscle Car lovers, enthusiasts, collectors, builders, and racers all over the world enjoy true American muscle.
  2. MuscleCards® is another connection for Muscle Car fans to stay connected to a long history of car facts, car stories, road trips, photos, collectibles & car shows.
  3. MuscleCards® gives us that never-ending love for cars & fun with family & friends.
  4. MuscleCards® is bringing those who love cars & playing cards together.
  5. Not every muscle car fan will have the opportunity to own their dream muscle car or classic car, but you can enjoy having endless fun with MuscleCards®, which have custom imagery of muscle cars & themed backgrounds.
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