Created for classic car enthusiasts everywhere, MuscleCarGang® is a fan-fueled media company that is turning a beloved American tradition into a soon-to-be global phenomenon. The camaraderie that car collectors have been craving, MuscleCarGang® is where classic meets contemporary. Through traditional and experiential media, edutech, and gaming, MuscleCarGang®’s mission isn’t just about restoring cars—it’s about restoring legacies. Reminiscent of revving engines, fast cars and sunup to sundown weekends spent tinkering under the hood, MuscleCarGang® is steeped in family tradition. 

For founder Calvin Richmond, muscle cars have been the heartbeat of his family for three generations. As he watched his grandfather and father pour love into restoring the cars that would become family heirlooms, Calvin didn’t just learn about mechanics—he learned about manhood. In those driveways, stories were told. Memories were made. Legacies were created. And knowing he was not alone, in 2019, he launched MuscleCarGang® as a clarion call to other muscle car collectors who longed to share stories and space that only people with a similar passion and pride could understand. And, now thousands of followers later, a tribe was finally born. 

Bigger than a brand, MuscleCarGang® is where engines evoke emotion. Where cars become heirlooms. 

Where fans become fam.


Rest In Peace Grandpa Larry, (1940 - 2016).
"Young or older, muscle cars will always have a place in your heart".- Larry Richmond


Calvin Richmond
CEO & Founder