Game Night with Horsepower™

What’s better than unwinding with like-minded people after a tough day, talking about your passion for muscle cars? 

If you ask us, only a cold beer and a pack of playing cards could enhance the experience. 

But what if we can make it all a tad bit better? The MuscleCarGang® Brand brings you MuscleCards® that are tailor-made for motorheads. These custom playing cards are designed to induce conversation about your favorite muscle cars. So, while you enjoy an evening with your friends, you can enjoy a nice game of poker, or your favorite card game and talk about your favorite vehicles. 

If you visited an auto show or a car meet recently and want to discuss it further with friends. Why not call them over for a game and use the cards to your advantage, talking about classics, rebuilds, and the newest cars on the block? After all, sitting around and talking with your friends about a common passion is what makes us car guys. 


What are MuscleCards®?

MuscleCards® are unlike any other playing cards you have used before. They are custom-made cards for car lovers with desirable muscle cars on the face of each honor card. So, for example, instead of a king you will find the Camaro ZL1 Copo drawn on the face. The queen replaced by some other classic, and then the jack following the same pattern. 

Interestingly, you don’t get the same cars printed on each card pack. Each new pack has a different set of muscle cars printed on the face. So, the MuscleCards® are not only useful for a game night but they are also collector’s cards. 

The more packs you have, the bigger your collection will be to show and brag to your friends.  

We started with the Vintage series, which celebrates classic muscle cars of the 20th century. But we intend to expand the collection with more cool muscle car playing cards. You will see a modern vehicle collection soon enough, followed by an era-wise series to commemorate the top muscle cars of every decade. 

There is a lot of potential in this regard, so hold on to your seatbelts, because you are in for a wild ride!  


How Can They Rejuvenate Your Evenings? 

You have a pack of MuscleCards® and a group of car enthusiasts surrounding a table. How do you make the evening more exciting? Clearly not everyone is there for the beer! Well, you start with an interesting card game for sure. 

If you are a fan of poker, why not start with that and deal the cards to the respective players? While you are playing you could even add a bit of twist into the mix. A player who wins and wants to cash in their chips must state the specifications of the car printed on the king face card (the horsepower, the torque, engine capacity, etc.). If they get it right, they win the money fair and square. Otherwise, the money splits in half, the game-winner takes half, and the other half is divided among the rest of the players. 

You get the idea! You can add nice little twists like this to your game and make your regular game nights more exciting. Also, this way new enthusiasts could learn a thing or two about muscle cars and enter the club. 

All in all, using the MuscleCards® could improve the quality of your game nights and entice others to join the fun. 



Create Your own Games with MuscleCards® 

If you are tired of playing the same old games and not interested in adding the MuscleCards® touch to traditional games, as we suggested earlier, you should create a game of your own. 

The world is your oyster, as far as MuscleCards® are concerned. This means you can do whatever you like with them, create your card game and enjoy it with your friends.

If you have no experience or you lack imagination in that perspective, let us help you out! 

Here are a few unique games you can play with your MuscleCards®. 


Guess the Horsepower 🤔

To play this game, you have to put aside all the face cards in the deck. You will sift out the Ace, King, Queen, and Jack cards and put the number cards back into the deck. Once you have done that, repeat the process with at least five other decks, and you will have 20 cards in total. 

Now you shuffle the cards and put them facedown on the table. The game begins when one random person picks up the top card and flips it over. The MuscleCards® will have a unique vintage muscle car printed on the face, with its name, model, and year. 

The person who picks the card doesn’t get to play, but he gets to play the referee instead. All the other players guess the horsepower of the muscle car and record their estimates to the 'referee'. The referee will check the correct horsepower rating and award points to each player. The closer a player's estimate to the original hp rating, the higher the points they will score. 

After the points are awarded, the player to the right becomes the referee and the game continues until you have gone through the deck. The person with the highest points wins! 

In this way, not only have you played an interesting game, but you have increased your muscle car knowledge and found an entertaining pastime.  

Note: This game can only work if you have several different MuscleCards® packs. So, don’t forget to expand your collection and gather as many MuscleCards® as you can!  


MuscleCards® & Convo 

If you want to see what an evening playing cards with your friends can look like, you can check out the MuscleCards® & Convo show on our YouTube Channel Now. 

The podcast show is designed to incite passion in muscle car enthusiasts while teaching them something new.

During the show, the guys play a random card game and talk about their experiences driving, owning, and building muscle cars. Not only that, but we bring avid enthusiasts and longtime experts in the field to share their thoughts about everything related to vehicles.  

The first episode aired recently, where a group of muscle car enthusiasts shared their thoughts on their favorite muscle cars. The fastest one they drove, the worst one, what brought them onto the scene, and their future plans to buy new vehicles in the future. 

If you are an upcoming enthusiast, you could learn a thing or two about muscle cars and MuscleCards® by watching this interesting podcast show. 


What To Expect in the Future 

The MuscleCarGang® hopes to add plenty of new MuscleCards® and other products to their lineup in the near future. We want to create a universe where you and your fellow muscle car enthusiasts can share your common passion. 

The MuscleCards® are the first step in that direction, and we are already seeing a huge response in that area. The Vintage car series is being accepted and loved by so many motorheads. Hopefully, the modern muscle car series and the other series we plan to release in the future will do as well, if not better. 

Buy your Pack Now and join the MuscleCarGang®!

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